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  Welcome to the wildest, westest, hat-hackinest CTF in the greater {CITY} area

  This is a Binary Exploitation CTF that utilizes NFC, ain't gonna do you no good to go around on this here website.

  If you ain't seen me yet, come by and get yourself an NFC card from me. Use that dang ol' card to upload your rootinest-tootinest exploits to the hat.

  You're gonna have to use that fine little rectangle to make the hat do things it aint s'pose to. When you're ready to upload your hacks, come tap that there NFC card to the red square on the hat, and see if your hacking skills are up to snuff.

 The tags use NFC215 and I aint got no ulterior motive for telling you that by golly.
Click here for the source code
And here for the binary

 Wanna download the whole dang thing and not touch the hat? Well butter my biscuits and call me a baker, you can be my guest.
Get the whole dang thing on the github page